It's all ins and outs at Loftus road

23/07/2013 13:06

So Harry is clearing out a few players and bringing a few of his own in. As I have said before I think Richard Dunne may prove to be a very good signing and from what I've seen of Danny Simpson I have to say I have hope.

     The news that Bosingwa is in Turkey and ready to sign a contract is music to my ears as it is to every other fan; to be honest I don't care where he goes as long as he isn't playing for Queens Park Rangers! The only player I know that smiles when he loses!

   The player that has showed his true colours is Julio Cesar; the reason he can't get a move is money; he knows he's on a good thing at our club and other teams won't bow to his demands. This is exactly why we didn't do well last season, too many overpaid average players holding the club to ransom. QPR is not a cash horse anymore and the sooner the players know that the better!


    So when the transfer window opened I waited to see who Harry would go for. The 'Hooper saga' is like waiting to hear if a jury is finding someone guilty or not; talk about dragging! I really hope we do sign him, he's had the expenence of Championship football before and he knows where the net is. A twenty goal a season player is vital at this level.

  Charlie Austin is also rumoured to be in talks; I'm sure with those two up front we'll score our way to the promised land at the first attempt!

 After writing all that a player that seems set to sign is Karl Henry; the question I have to ask is why?

  Scott Parker is so much better; I mean by a million times! Now for those that don't know I'm not a Joey Barton fan but I'd have him in instead of Henry. I don't even rate him as average! He fouls more than he tackles and he can't keep up with play and yet Harry is bringing him in as a leader! Hopefully a cheerleader!


The player I'm looking forward to seeing the most is Ali Faurlin. He looks as if he is getting back to his best and I just hope and pray that Harry can see it too. He looks strong and his confidence is back; spraying balls around the park is his game and I have to admit we've missed it. I don't know if he'll make Henry look good but I wouldn't put it past him!


The Wig