Is the court case catching up with him?

15/12/2012 09:27

Anton Ferdinand conducted himself in a manner of which every QPR fan was proud of both during and after the courtcase with John Terry. A lot of fans from other clubs blamed Anton because the case went to court; the case was taken to court by the CPS and not anybody else.

   We have to remember that some idiot also sent Anton a bullet in the post as a scare tactic; this is football for crying out loud!

I think it's all finally catching up with the former Hammer and his form is suffering. Now it can be said that all players lose form at sometime in their career so I might be putting two and two together and coming up with six!

He certainly isn't the same player as last season where he battled for everything and won most of his tackles. He had the determination to win everything and looked to form a good partnership with Clint Hill.

  This season Anton seems to have hit the ground walking or even crawling; I really hope we get the 'old' Anton back and soon as I think he can still be a very good player for us! 

Not that I need another reason to dislike John Terry but I've just found one.


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