Is it rules for home fans and no rules for away fans?

30/09/2013 13:30


 Like any well run company QPR proclaim to put security at the top of the list as far as fans and players safety is concerned; at least that's what we're lead to believe. This season the stewarding at Loftus Road is pretty much a joke!

   Sheffield Wednesday fans were pulling microphones away and were seen doing it and then a smoke flare; there was nothing said to them at all, this despite the fact they were seen by both the stewards and QPR fans!

   Then finally they took some action; but against a QPR fan for throwing a deadly burger! It's not known if the 'missile' had cheese or it may have been a halfpounder, either way they were thrown out!

So along came Birmingham City and they not only had a smoke flare but also pulled chairs off and threw them down at QPR fans in the lower School End. It was with luck more than anything else that nobody was injured. I was told by our own fans that they saw Birmingham fans urinating down the side in full view for all to see. So what action was taken against these culprits?

    Nothing at all!

  My fear is that somebody will get hurt before any action is taken; by then it's a bit late!

I asked for opinions on Twitter and below are just some of the comments;

  1. why can't I enter with a bottle of water with a lid on? With all the cameras if I threw it I'd get caught! Coins ok to have?

  2. Always been awful. We are customer! ! V heavy handed on the edge of bullying bouncers at times.

Birmingham fans get a flare in and my kids can't have a lid on a water bottle

  1. never had any problems with them. They are pretty nice. Not like other clubs where u r forced not to stand!

  2. Hot cups of drink are allowed but not a lidded bottle of water , madness!!

    whwn theres a penalty the idiots stand up facing the stand blocking the view of anyone in first 4 rows, refuse to move and xause unnecesary friction. Got heated saturday and there only reply is " im doing my job" no respect for paying fans. i got threatened with being kicked out last year for throwing the ball back to hard. There is no common sense.

    (Robert sent three tweets and he is on about the West Paddock)

    yes - the lids on water really annoys me - I could throw the bottle or a coin but not the lid - it's ridiculous

    I had words with one 2 weeks backs in Lower Loft!



The irony of the last picture is A) It would appear 'smoke bombs' are not on the prohibited list and B) when I took the picture (on the way out) I was given grief by guess who...........the stewards!


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