Hoops fans can't help Faurlin for this guy

06/11/2013 14:34


If anyone had told me just three seasons after getting promoted that we would only have two players left in the first team I would have found it hard to believe; but that's nothing compared to trying to believe the luck that Ale Faurlin has had. I wouldn't like to guess just how many mirrors he's broken but his luck is just rotten.

      Sadly I've had to witness the same injury twice; maybe I'm the jinx! The first time he did it was against Milton Keynes Dons and as I remember it didn't look that bad at the time. When he went down against Derby I guessed that, like a lot of fans, he'd done it again. The feelings I had coming away on Saturday with the three points were somewhat overshadowed by the injury; when the club confirmed it on Monday I felt so sorry for a player that clearly has love for Queens Park Rangers and of course us, the fans.

      Let me take you back to the promotion year and the 'points off' scandal; some players would have asked to be excused but not our midfield genius, he wanted to do his talking on the pitch and rightly so. That's where the bond comes from I do believe. A respect between the fans who stood by him and the player who never let us down.


When he first came to the club he looked a little out of sorts but let's remember he is plying his trade in a foreign country. I don't know how much Neil Warnock or the club paid for him but he brought in a little gem. Once he adjusted to the English game, keeping his Argentine skill, he has become such a good player. He is always watching, seeing where his teammates are. He can make a fifty yard pass as well as a five yard one and his left foot can hit a ball so sweetly!

       So to come back from one ACL injury is tough, he was even sent out on loan to Italy but sadly didn't get much game time; this time I can't be blamed as I wasn't there!


   Now he is all the way back to square one; they say in football things even themselves out and if that's the case Ale Faurlin will win the Premier League and our favourite player from Argentina will pick the trophy up!

    Sometimes life and football is just not fair. He will need so much mental strength to pick himself up and as fans we can help. The club is doing a twitter campaign with the hashtag #BestWishesAle. Just do it once because coming back once is hard, coming back twice will take a strong character, we all know just how strong he is.

I wish you a speedy recovery Ale and all the luck in the world!


The Wig