Having our say in the title race

21/02/2013 09:14


The last game of last season was one that many of us will never forget. Manchester City won the game in 'Aguero time,' and that meant the red side of Manchester were runners up. But for a little while at least QPR hadn't read the script. 
So what's to say we can't have a say in the title this year only with not such an immediate effect. 
It’s a hell of a mountain to climb for us but football is a funny old game. 
Just two wins in twenty four games tells its own tale but a run has to start somewhere so why not against Manchester United?
The Red Devils have a twelve point lead but that isn't as important as much as they are in the middle of playing Real Madrid which can only be beneficial to QPR.


Will Sir Alex 'rest' key players or put out his strongest side?
I can see him resting one or two but let's be honest the whole squad is world class.
Ferguson will want to beat 'the special one' that's for sure! 
The Dubai trip needs to pay off straight away; I'll be honest and say I don't know if it’s a good idea or not, I'll just call it a strange one and leave it at that. 
If we win our next ten games it will be called 'genius' if we lose then it’s called 'a waste'; only time will tell. 
What better way to start the great escape than beating the nineteen times Champions at Loftus Road!
It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating; the fans are so vitally important. We have to take advantage of our small compact ground. Big teams don't like playing at our ground so let's make it as loud as we can. 
The Manager, the players and the board will all come and go but we will always be here; let's show one of the most famous clubs in the world what passionate and loyal fans we are!

The Wig