Happy Birthday to a legend!‏

23/12/2013 08:53


The word 'legend' is a word used far too much in football; it should be used sparingly and must be earned. 
Loftus Road is no different to any other football club when it comes to 'legends', but this man sticks out even amongst the very best! 
         On Christmas Eve in nineteen forty eight in Manchester, a star was born, I'd bet with a football at his feet! His Parents called him Stanley, little did they know the effect he'd have on thousands of QPR fans in the nineteen seventies. 
Stan Bowles was born to play football, his talent was simply amazing. He played in what many fans say was Rangers best ever side in the seventy five/six season. 
Watching him when I was a child, I thought the ball was attached to his foot somehow, it was real magic for all to see. 
I remember seeing him take on two or three players and go past them as if they weren't there then put the ball on the head of Francis; it was the way football was supposed to be played. 
The stories of Stan running to put a bet on in full kit are legendary. The one I heard was he went down holding his ankle, he wasn't really injured he wanted to find out the result of a horse race!
We asked you to describe one of our most famous tens in three words;

Simply the best!

                                                                           'Stan the man'

He's a regular in the pubs around the bush and I've met him on a few occasions; always a gent. 
So Stan the man collects his bus pass which may mean we'll see more of him at Loftus Road; a place he is always more than welcome. 
I count myself very lucky that I share the same date of birth but not the same year! Happy Birthday Stan from one Christmas Eve baby to another. 

The Wig