Get behind the board!‏

07/03/2014 15:30


In August 2011 QPR gained a new owner and Chairman, Tony Fernandes, more importantly we'd seen the back of Tango and Cash. 
Now Tony was very much a virgin when it came to running a football club, but is a very clever business man. Bringing Amit Bhatia as Vice Chairman was also a very good idea. 
While I thought Neil Warnock's sacking was harsh and I disagreed with it, it appeared Tony wanted his own man. Sadly he chose Mark Hughes and gave him a blank cheque or so it seemed. 
The only thing Tony is guilty of is he'd been taken in by Mark Hughes and his dream. 
We all know what happened and who the blame lies with but we are QPR and we never do it the easy way; let's face it, it would be boring otherwise! 
Tony listens to the fans, what other Chairman goes to local pubs?


                                                          Tony getting a hug off my Mrs, it's all right I let him!
Has Tony ever lied to us with QPR?
Earlier on in the article I said Tony was a clever business man and so are the shareholders; the 'debt' that is owed is owed to them. It's like you dipping into your savings, you owe it to yourself!
What we have to watch is wages; but that's up to the board to sort out. 
I hope to see a few more players from the youth come through, the talent is there that's for sure. 
The run in should be interesting but knowing us it won't be boring!
To the fans that give Tony grief on twitter; be careful what you wish for, Tango and Cash or someone worse could buy our club, then where would we be?

Bring on the Brummies!

The Wig