Gaffer, Gaffer I deserve to be first choice… On what basis I wonder?

27/01/2013 15:12

Gaffer, Gaffer I deserve to be first choice… On what basis I wonder?

By Gregg Halsey

How many players do you see in the tabloids bitching and whining about not getting the chance they deserve?

How many times do you hear of a player pushing through a move because he should be first choice?

Queens Park Rangers embarrassing 2-4 exit in  the F.A. Cup home tie with MK Dons was a wonderful example of this, Anton Ferdinand, Ji Sung Park, Esteban Granero to name a few all feeling the effects of Harry Redknapp’s shake up since he turned up at Loftus Road to try and perform the impossible.


These players have felt like they’ve been unfairly treated and all warrant their spots in the starting eleven, on what grounds? Past form, past honours like the fact you hold a Champions League medal or a Premiership or La Liga medal? Yet can not perform and defeat a team 2 divisions below them, who quite frankly were turning up to attempt not to be blown away and to try and hold out for a draw or to snatch a win, now sadly we’ll have to endure the hideous face, and stupid thumbs up poses of Pete Winkelman all over SSN for the next couple of weeks or so saying “what an achievement, making history for our club blah blah blah!”

So why do these players moan and grumble at EXPECTING to be first choice yet can not perform on the pitch or is that the point?

Have I missed the entire point, do they actually moan to get on then under perform to hit back at the manager?

I thought the point of a football manager and his coaching staff was to make the choice of who plays and who doesn’t and this come down to attitude and the way you train!

I know there have been  global cases where a player has been dropped for money reason (Wesley Snieder at Inter for example) but you would expect across the board  that players are mainly dropped for football reasons….

* Under performing

* Wrong attitude

* Not playing as a team

* Not training well

* Unfit

Adel Taarabt was dropped by Mark Hughes as against Swansea the team were a disaster and when he was given a chance to get back on he came on the pitch and flew a wonder goal in to the roof of the net with 45 seconds of coming on!

What about Joey Barton, dropped as he couldn’t keep his mouth shut! Dropped because it was easier than playing with 10 men every week!

If you deserve to be in a team, well lads why not prove this point?

Get off your Twitter account, stop slandering the club, manager, chairman, fans; be a man and prove your worth!

In Harry I trust, and after seeing notes from his press conference before and after that cup disaster he hit nails on their heads…

And I hope that hit has rung some bells for some of you money grabbing… I’ll keep it PG “bleep, bleep!”