Fans thoughts on Bosingwa

10/10/2013 16:00

So we all knew Harry's book was going to ruffle a few feathers but how Jose Bosingwa has the cheek to have a go at Harry really is beyond me!

I never forced anyone to give me that salary at QPR.

How can Redknapp do technical analysis on players if he spends his time negotiating with agents?

He thinks he is like Ferguson, but there is a difference: in his long career, he has only won one title.

He doesn't seem to know what he says. It's confusing. It must be his age or the wine he drinks every morning.


So we thought we'd give the fans of Queens Park Rangers football club a chance to have a say on our former player


    Martin Griffin He had his moments, but overall he saw moneybags rather than the goal of avoiding relegation.
    Joe Hylton Personally my self I tried to support Jose Bosingwa when he came to QPR. It's never easy for any player when they come to The R's directly from SW6, as Paul Furlong found out, but in all honesty and even when Bosingwa missed that sitter away to WBA, which would have given QPR a share in the points, I really did my up-most to encourage him as a player in a Rangers shirt. I'm not the type of a person who runs with the pack as such... Time told what Jose was all about, and for me his reluctance to sit on the bench at home to Fulham, his disrespect to Harry and our football club, was the final nail in his coffin. Bosingwa in my opinion, was possibly one of the worst players in my 44 years of supporting QPR, to pull on the Hooped jersey. At times he did show his potential as a footballer, but really they were few and far between. I was and still am delighted that Harry got rid of him, and I hope I never see a mercenary player of his like ever again playing for QPR. Bosingwa typified the Hughes era at Loftus Road.... very dark days indeed 


    Paul Richards most hated rangers player of all time I would say
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    Kenn Taylor What the fans sang during his last game for us still stands as far as I an concerned 
    Chris Hyde Bosingwa was like ikea furniture you think yeh we got a good deal but then u realise it was overpriced and didn't really do the job u bought it for
    John Rangers Charlatan
    Latter day Dick Turpin
    Adam Kelly MERCENARY!!!..
    Ray Eaton A disgrace, who epitomized the worst excesses of the Mark Hughes era. There were tell-tales signs that Rangers shouldn't have touched him with a barge pole. On Wikipedia, it is revealed that Portugese national boss, Paulo Bento, dropped Bosingwa, because of his bad attitude and mentality-even before he came to Loftus Road. An automatic choice in most supporters "All time worst QPR XI"
    Paul Darling It was clear from the very first half hearted step into the church, that Bosingwa was weighed down by the massive collection plates in his pockets. 

    If ever a player came for the cash with an 'I'm far too good to you' attitude, he was that man.

    I think there was a moment in that first game, when he made a half hearted effort at attacking, lost the ball and stood watching with his hands on his hips.

    I honestly don't think we got more than 30% out of him in any game. I'm not one for berating any hoops player while he's on the pitch, but he clearly deserved every boo that he got. 

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

    my father in law residing in Peru and has never been within 8 thousand km of showed more commitment last season

      Wendy Dovey Wot a total tosser. Feeling very grrrrrrrr
        Paul 'Barney' Morris Jose Boingwa is everything that is wrong with modern football. The fact that is ego far out weighed his limited footballing talent speaks volumes. He and a number of other players mapped out QPR's relegation season, the fact that his attitude and lack of interest marks him as a very poor pro.
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        Barry Hill Biggest waste of space ever to pull on the blue and white hooped shirt
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        Boswinga is having a go at Harry now? He's got a nerve after sucking the ££ he did out of whilst putting in zero effort.

  Hardly a surprise reaction about a man that is lazy and all he really wanted to do was pick up a pay packet.


The picture sums him up! I just hope the club have learnt from it and I think they have.

In Harry we trust


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