Fans forum; a good night was had by all

08/02/2013 19:54



I have to say while I was looking forward to the fans forum meeting I also thought it may have been somewhat rehearsed; I'm pleased to say it wasn't at all! Fans from all groups got to ask questions and CEO Phil Beard certainly had his hands full. My good lady helped out with asking why some fans were removed from the lower Loft, 'Hardcore,' was heard throughout the room!  


 I was lucky enough to ask a question and after all the reports about new recruit Loic Remy and how long he'll be out I thought I'd just ask Harry straight out. 'Is he out two days, two months or two years?' I asked and thankfully everyone got my irony including the four men at the top table.  I was pleased to hear he is close to fitness and maybe the Swansea game would be a bit of a gamble: I'd rather have him fit to face Manchester United than risk him too early.


  I asked about DJ Campbell and wasn't impressed to find out he'd gone on loan to Blackburn Rovers; at least we can call him back at short notice.  The last thing I did was congratulate Clint Hill on his Captaincy appointment to which a big cheer and round of applause went round the room. 



 Questions ranged from Twitter to the new training ground to away ticket allocation.  It was a really 'feel good' night and at the end we got to talk to the men at the top table (Joe Jordan is scary!) Phil Beard has said the club will do more of these events: I certainly hope so as it's a positive step and shows what a great club QPR is!   


The Wig