Church by Mikey Howard

04/08/2015 09:25


Well, here we go again. Another season is upon us next week. Albeit, it`s in the Championship and not the Premiership. I don`t think that is going to bother us too much. I mean, to be honest, we just didn`t have a team strong enough to stay up, it`s that simple. 

In the past we have been overrun by players who asked for too much money for the job they did. This was partly down to bad management, lack of commitment from some of the players and a back-room staff that quite frankly didn`t have a clue on how to install some sort of pride into those around them, for example some of the players who only played for a nice big cheque every week. 
Fortunately, those days are over. With Ramsey now in charge we have a promising young manager. He has inherited a team that`s looking quite good. It`s his first FULL season in charge so we can now rebuild a really good Queens Park Rangers. But, we still have a lot of holes to fill up within the squad. Our defence is not exactly the best to write home about so, for sure, so, that`s a situation that needs to be addressed. But, if we (the fans) want to see a a really good QPR we are going to have to be prepared for a wait. The last thing we all want to see is QPR being propelled up to the first flight of the English game only see us come straight down again because we are not good enough. So, let`s give QPR a chance to re-build, sort out a really good team and then we can all start to think about going for the big one - the EPL and staying there ! In my opinion 2/3 years to achieve that. Don`t be in such a rush...the whole team is going through a new transition period. It takes time.
Why do I love QPR so much ? I`m not religious by any means but we call it Church. There is real family attitude around the place. People say to me, "Why do you want to go and spend that money only to see a team lose ?" My response is, "Because I love them." Need I say any more ?! :) My father (RIP) took me down to W12 many moons ago. The inside of the ground is quite small as most of you know. But, what a marvellous little ground it is. Everybody is so nice and helpful there. And the fans are so friendly, too. But, most of all I class it as tribal. Every match day I wear my colours, whether I'm in attendance or not because I feel a part of the "Team". And, that is why I class it as Tribal. We are all part of the team we love so much that makes us a part of the Tribe. See ? Logic ! :)
So, where do we go from here in footballing terms ? To be honest, if I had a Crystal Ball, I could tell you all. But, I don`t so I can`t. Queens Park Rangers are our team. If they played in the EPL, the Championship, the lower leagues or indeed the Butlins League for happy holiday makers...(Is there such a league ? Oh, well, it sounded good)...I would be there following them. QPR is my life and I won`t allow anybody to take it away from me.
Well, that`s all I wanted to say. Except for have a good season one and all.