Barton; is the sinner turning into a saint?

12/08/2013 12:57




Now I've never claimed to be Joey Barton's biggest fan but I did say if Harry Redknapp played him he'd get my full support and he has. 
Now I don't know if it was his time in France or maybe at last he is starting to mature; this is the player I wanted to see. Let's face it; the former Newcastle man hasn't got great control of his temper yet over the first three games he's been some fans man of the match for all three of them!
I noticed in our first home game that the Sheffield Wednesday forward looked to see who was beside him before going down; Joey Barton's reputation going before him again. 
It’s time to put the past behind us; what's done is done. He was silly at Manchester City and it’s been dealt with. 
Some fans think he should have served his punishment then got back into the side. We may have stood a chance of staying up?
My answer to that is if we kept Neil Warnock we wouldn't have been in that mess!
The thing is we will never know; that debate could go on for days. 
The more cynical fan will tell you that he's looking for a move back to the Premiership with West Ham thought to be interested. If that's the case he'll be out to prove he's worth it; that can only be good for the Hoops!

I've been supporting Queens Park Rangers for over thirty five years and in that time only two players have split the most loyal fans in the world; Joey and Adel and for different reasons!
While Joey seems to want to get his head down and work I'm surprised at Taabs; I suppose I was hoping he'd at least fight for his place. 
I just hope that if we keep Joey he can do his football talking on the field; if not for anyone else then just for himself. 
Keep up the good start you've made this season; and welcome back to the QPR team. 

The Wig