Backs to the Wall

20/10/2013 12:36


I have to admit I felt a great deal of confidence as I travelled South East to Bermondsey, a place I was last at the year we were promoted. 
I have to say the fans were in great voice as we took our seats. It sends chills down my spine when the Rangers fans all sing together; a buzz I'll never tire of!
It was very much a London derby but the referee let some late tackles go by both sides; it was more of luck than judgement that none of the players were injured. 
Slowly we started to grind the home team down; the places in the league table were very obvious. It was Millwall who were riding their luck; the crossbar helping them out. We kept plugging away and when Niko Kranjcar let fly there wasn't any stopping his shot and at half time we went in deservedly in the lead. 
What happened in the dressing room at half time is anyone's guess; we came out a changed side without making any substitution's!
Millwall started asking questions and then it happened; the defense was finally breached after eight clean sheets and we all saw it coming. 
It was the reality check we needed and finally it became an end to end game. I said to my lady Michelle that Charlie Austin was having a bit of an off day, a few minutes later our leading scorer put us in the lead; it was a goal taken well and scored in front of all the away fans. 

Then what we should have done was go for the third goal to kill the game off; instead we parked the bus. A dangerous game and one that we don't play well. I have to say, altogether there were eight minutes injury time; where the hell did that come from?
Kranjcar is showing me game after game what a great player he is; he has the skill and also loves a tackle which is great to see. 
As I mentioned before this was my second visit to the 'New Den,' and knew we'd have to wait to get to the station. 
This is a story I heard while waiting to be let out; Now while they have a reputation which isn't great I can tell you that two Millwall fans gave a lift to two QPR fans in a taxi from London Bridge and the Lions' fans paid for it!
The train finally pulled in and that really was the worst four minutes of my life! Sardines had more room!
Yes the record is gone but we are still unbeaten; Harry has a lot of work to do if we are to get anything at Burnley. 

The Wig