Back Green to keep a clean

29/11/2012 15:36

He came on in the second half against Sunderland and he had a great game; how often can you say two QPR goalkeepers have kept a clean sheet in the same match? 

Rob Green had a nightmare start to the season but shipping in five goals against Swansea wasn't all his fault; twenty have gone past Julio Cesar in twelve games and yet most fans love him. I very much doubt Cesar will be back for the Villa game and Rob will start.


  What I'm trying to say is no goalkeeper is superman, they rely on the defense in front of them and let's face it we haven't had the best for whatever reason.

 While he is a QPR player Rob Green should be backed by all of us. The postion of goalkeeper is one where confidence is most important; giving him stick won't help him or the team and that really is the last thing we need!

  His save from Fletcher on Tuesday night was superb and shows he can be a class act; encourage him and he'll do it again!