Away to West Ham and sitting with Tony Fernandes

21/01/2013 10:20

When the 'A pain in the R'sss' team awoke on Saturday morning, the blanket of white snow hadn't cleared and we waited for news if the game was on; twitter let us know that it was and then we put on all the layers that were needed on a cold harsh day. At least half the London Underground was closed for maintenance work but we made it to East London safely. We were told about a pub in Plaistow called the Black Lion but it was packed so we got a drink and stood outside; it was amazing we got our pints in glass and not plastic!

       The ground itself was easy enough to get to but the away end was a bit of a walk; who had the silly idea of putting a block of flats in the way! Once inside the ground it was wall to wall Rangers all trying to get to the bar, At five minutes to three we took our seats and just a couple of minutes later the one and only Tony Fernandes walked past us and sat about five rows behind us; that was the cue for Tony Fernandes' songs!


 I have to admit I was looking forward to seeing Remy in a hooped top; he's a player that can have a very good career at QPR! After thirteen minutes he was put through by Adel and finished with some class! The away fans were now in full song and both teams on the pitch made it an entertaining first half, maybe West Ham shaded it but we had the vital goal.

   We left our seats to answer the call of nature and the atmosphere outside the bar was electric; a 'knees up' in the East end by the West London club!


  The second half was a different story; big Sam had given his team a good talking to and Rangers defended as if their lives depended on it! Wave after wave but Cesar again was on great form! Finally they broke the defence as Chelsea old boy Joe Cole finished yet another scramble in the QPR area. With plenty of time to go I feared the worst; we just couldn't get out of our own half!

    We battled for every ball and when the final whistle went I think I could hear a sigh of relief from every QPR fan that was there!

  I have to say I've been to Wembley a couple of times and the way they let the crowds onto the tube is organised; to get to Upton Park on the way home on matchday can only be described as a joke! Stewards that don't speak English and no Police about; if there was trouble it could have been nasty!

  A summary of the game; we could have lost heavily here but we worked hard as a team! I can see Remy and Adel getting a great understanding I just hope they connect really soon, thirteen is unlucky for some people but not for us on Saturday.

   Next up is MK Dons in the FA Cup followed by Manchester City at home the following Tuesday; if we show the same commitment as we did at Upton Park the fifth round and three points is possible!


The Wig