Are we selling out to the Koreans?

25/02/2013 07:57

    The thing I look forward to most in the pre season is the fixture list coming out. The first fixture I looked forward to seeing was when we played Chelsea, the second one was Manchester United.

     Now given our need for vocal support on Saturday I have to say how surprised I was at how quiet the fans were. We were playing Mancherster United and we barley managed a squeak!


  I met a friend of mine at half time and as we seat in different parts of the ground I suggested that he starts the singing in the block he was sitting. His reply was sad to hear, "I'd love to but everyone around me is Korean! I don't know any of them!"

      I couldn't really argue with that but it got me thinking; have QPR fans given up the fight to stay up or are they just cashing in?

 There are lots of reasons I love my club and the fans and loyalty is top of the list. So why at one of the biggest games of the season are our loyal fans selling there season tickets? The only thing I can think of is the money was to good to refuse!

  I'm proud to say I'm a season ticket holder and would never sell my seat at any price! I understand the climate we are in but that is just an excuse! If it was an evening game then I can see some fans couldn't make it due to work and family commitments; but this was Saturday at three!


 The other thing that was sad to hear was Bosingwa getting a volley full of abuse; from QPR Fans! Now I didn't like what he did a few weeks ago but that is past and Harry has sorted it. When his name was called out as the team was announced a chorus of boos went round the ground. Seriously, how is that going to help the team?

  For the record I thought he played all right. Manchester United didn't impress me that much if I'm honest; both teams played at best average football; the only great bit about the game was the strike by Da Silva. Yes it was against us but you have to admire the finish.

  So its off to Southampton next and they love Harry down on the coast!


The Wig