Adel; sent home or another reason?

09/07/2013 17:47


  So Adel Taarabt has been sent home from the Devon tour in what appears to be a breaking of the rules; I can just hear all the kebab jokes now, really they're not that funny.

   The club haven't made a statement but just let us know that he has been sent home; or has he?

We all know Harry Redknapp wants to make his own mark at the club and we also know that the Morrocan magician can throw his toys out at the best of times. But what if it's a smoke screen?


    I have this theory, and that is all it is at the moment, that the former Spurs man could be talking to another club or clubs!

 He was quite rightly our Championship player of the season but alas he hasn't produced it in the two seasons in the Premier League. There were glimmers of his talent, but that was it, just glimmers. Maybe Harry has had enough of his strops, giving up when other players will fight for the ball; or maybe Harry has had an offer and has an eye on another player?

     When he was given the number ten shirt I really thought he was a star ready to shine and that may still happen; I just doubt it will be at Loftus Road.

      I'm a huge 'Taabs' fan but I'm also a realist; I'd love him to be remembered alongside Bowles and Marsh but I fear that won't happen now.

   If he had the same passion as Alan McDonald then it would be a different story but imagine if 'Macca' had the Adel skill?

   I think we may have seen, 'He's just to good for you,' in a hooped shirt for the last time.


The Wig