A good point!

11/11/2013 08:03

Early kick offs do have advantages; you know the result and just watch for others. 
I was amazed at some of the comments I saw on the social networking sites; even a couple of comments saying Harry should be sacked!
To these so called fans I say this; have you forgotten the last two years? Bring back Tango and Cash and Mark Hughes?
This season so far we have lost ONE game! Now after the last couple of seasons did you really think that would happen?
Look at our defensive record; the way to win games is not to concede goals and that's what we are doing. 
Charlie Austin had five chances on Saturday and every one of them was on target; the Reading keeper picked up man of the match! That just tells its own story. 
We went a goal down and our heads could have dropped but we have a belief, team spirit if you like, and look at what happened when we scored. Every single player went over to Joey who held Ale Faurlin's top high in the air; a team looking after one of its own!


In this division the name of the game is two points per game; win at home and a point away. This plan will, at the end of the season, give us ninety two points and that will bring promotion! 
Look what happened to the teams around us; Burnley were lucky to get a draw while Leicester and Blackpool lost. 
In the space of a couple of hours it appeared to be a good point; it was a good point and one that could be the difference between going up or into the play offs. 
Harry and the team have my full backing and I look forward to picking up all three points when the hoops play Charlton at home on the twenty third of November. 

The Wig