A cry out to all QPR Fans: Back every hoop player, every time!‏

18/08/2013 19:14


I headed to Loftus Road in a good mood after four points out of six, and a Cup win! Now if you are a player that can't be bothered then you will get stick, and rightly so. Of course I'm on about Bosingwa. 
Let's go back to Joey Barton and the Liverpool game, I booed him off, and I will say here and now I was wrong!
It's not about individuals, its about the team. 
They are wearing our sacred hoops top, we back them!

Bobby Zamora was called a few silly names; sadly not by Ipswich fans but our own!
Seriously, what good is that going to do us?
As a QPR fan we should be backing Bobby; he is at least trying!
Here is a fact; he set up at least ten moves on Saturday. Sadly some fans could only see the headers he didn't win and abuse him; hello, he's our player!
Robert Green was given loads of abuse from Ipswich fans, an ex Norwich player always will but the QPR fans backed him up; the same ones that gave Zamora grief!
With Loftus Road being so close to the pitch, every player hears what is said. 
Harry isn't the first Manager to call us 'the twelfth man,' the fans really do make a difference. An example, Joey conducting 'he tweets what he wants,' while waiting to take a corner. He has the fans on side, and look how he's playing!
My moment of the game was Rob Green at the final whistle; throwing the ball at the fans that were giving him abuse!

With seven points out of nine we are on the right road. A special mention to Tommy Hitchcock; showing how the youth system is working so well!

The Wig